Minnesota Department of Transportation

Are you enrolling in MnPASS on I-35E?

If you are enrolling in MnPASS to use I-35E you will not see an I-35E option listed under the question “Expected Road Used Most Often” on the application page.  Please choose either I-394 or I-35W. This question is for internal purposes only and does not affect the enrollment process, fees or tag options.

Additionally, on the application page you will encounter a field asking for the number of “transponders” you want.  Please indicate the number of tags (either switchable or sticker) you want. After you submit your application, a customer service representative will contact you to find out which tag (either switchable or sticker) you want. Your tag will be mailed to you 5 to 7 business days after a representative contacts you. Please wait until you receive your new MnPASS tag before using the lanes on I-35E, I-35W, and on I-394. We apologize for any confusion.  




MnPASS - A fast, safe and reliable commute

If you drive alone and want a convenient and predictable travel option, why not open a MnPASS account and start using MnPASS Express Lanes? These lanes help maintain traffic flow, reduce congestion and give drivers a safe, reliable commute when they pay an electronic fee. Learn how MnPASS Express Lanes improve the efficiency and the financial effectiveness of the region’s highway and transit system.





MnPASS Express Lanes coming to I-35E

Two new MnPASS Express Lanes on Interstate 35E in St. Paul will open for the first time on Nov. 30, weather permitting. All commuters on I-35E will experience less congestion, better travel times and faster more reliable public transit service. During peak-drive times, vehicles with two or more occupants (HOV 2 +), motorcyclists and buses can drive in the MnPASS Express Lanes for free. Solo motorists with a MnPASS account and transponder or tag can drive in the lanes for a fee. Learn more




Welcome MnPASS to I-35E

Enroll on Nov. 17 and use the lanes on I-35E for free.
To celebrate the arrival of the MnPASS lanes in the east Metro, new and current MnPASS account holders with a transponder or a new tag can drive in the MnPASS lanes on I-35E between Cayuga Street and Little Canada Road during peak-travel times for FREE from Nov. 30 until Jan. 4, 2016.